Text Box: For Mike, Bucks Fizz's Eurovision victory was doubly sweet. As well as the obvious... winning the competition, he was in Dublin, the city of his birth, and in the audience were LOTS of family members. He was the first member of the band to be recruited, having been asked in 1980 by Nichola Martin to record a demo with her. 

The song was "Making Your Mind Up", written by her soon to be husband Andy Hill. When it was accepted as a Song For Europe finalist, Mike was offered either a place in the band or payment for his services... he opted for the job and the rest is history!
Text Box: Mike began performing in the mid-1970s in pubs around London, playing the guitar and singing mostly old Irish ballads. At the same time, he was auditioning for a variety of groups as a vocalist. In 1976 he successfully auditioned for his first serious band. The group was Brooks and they were put together by Freya Miller, who went on to manage Shakin' Stevens amongst others. They were a four-piece boy band, designed to be a 1970s version of The Monkees; originally Brooks also included Chris Hamill, who later found fame as "Limahl" from fellow 80's band, Kajagoogoo. In spite of numerous TV appearances, magazine interviews and several singles, the group never had a hit and eventually disbanded after three years. As Mike later said, the idea of the group was 'dated'; he often says that where Bucks Fizz records went gold and platinum... Brooks records were lucky to go black!
Text Box: Mike was Bucks Fizz's "pin-up boy" and attracted many fans through his good looks and at the height of their fame, his fan mail was received by the sack-load! Even now, when the band perform live as "Formerly of Bucks Fizz", Cheryl introduces him as "The Pretty One".
​He also gained critical acclaim for his lead vocal on the top ten hit "Now Those Days Are Gone".
Text Box: While on tour in 1984, Bucks Fizz were involved in a coach crash. All four members were injured, but Mike was most seriously affected when he fell into a coma and at one point was given the Last Rites. Nolan was featured on the front page of many of the tabloids over the next few days with headlines declaring him to be "on the brink of death".  After three days, he woke up and spent the next six months recuperating before returning to work with the group, although the effects of the crash still affect him today. He was featured in the BBC tv show Fighting Back, hosted by Lynn Redgrave, and talked in great detail about his experiences, and the effects of the accident. 

Text Box: Outside of the group, Mike is a staunch supporter of the charity 'HeadFirst', which was set up as a result of the coach crash and specifically Mike's head injuries. His support for this charity also incorporates "The Mike Nolan Brain Damage Fund", which was co-created by fellow band member and best mate...Cheryl. Both continue to raise money for the charity.
Mike is also very involved with the charity "BUSK" (Belt Up School Kids) which promotes the use of seatbelts on coaches, particularly where children are concerned. (click on the logo on the left to go to the BUSK website). He also recorded a number of promotional videos for the charity, which you can see by clicking the buttons Text Box: Mike Says
“I have to agree with Cheryl and Jay when they say that it's an absolute privilege to be a part of this band, and working with me. Did they not say that? Well I'm sure they meant to! Having Bobby join us for the tour is great too, because it means he gets to work with me as well!
But being serious (yes I know you don't believe it, but I can be), we are having so much fun getting ready for the tour. We are laughing as much as we are rehearsing and hopefully that will come across in our shows. We love what we do and we want the audience to enjoy themselves as much as we do.
There's so much more I want to say but they told me we haven't got the space so I'll save my thoughts on time travel and Einstein's theory of relativity for another day”
Click here to visit Mike NolanText Box: At the (sell-out) 30th Anniversary show at the London Palladium in July 2011, when the video clip recounting the coach crash was shown, Mike received a standing ovation from the audience, and came back on to the stage to show his appreciation. 
Visibly moved by the audience’s reaction, his message was simply…
"Always wear your seatbelt!"
Click here to visit Mike NolanClick here to visit Mike NolanClick here to visit Mike NolanClick here to visit Mike NolanText Box: Over the years he’s also been a regular pantomime favourite. With his cheeky personality, and wicked sense of humour he’s the perfect person to play the comic male lead. Over Christmas 2014,  he appeared as Simple Simon, opposite Cheryl’s Fairy Nuff, in “Jack and The Beanstalk” at Lowestoft.  He returned to the Lowestoft pantomime stage in 2015 in Dick Whittington.
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