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Text Box: Jay Says
“It’s been an absolute blast working with Cheryl and Mike for the last few years. I don’t think any of us would have ever dreamed how much fun we would be having.
Performing live has always been one of the best bits of this job and to be going on the road again is really exciting, especially as we’ll be a four piece.
The vocal harmonies, the dance routines, everything will be heard and seen as they were originally planned and we are really hoping that everyone who comes and sees us will be getting the same buzz from the shows that we are getting.
Having Bobby as part of the group as well, makes it all the better; he was always hanging round the offices and at our shows in the old days. It was inevitable really that one day, he’d be joining us.

Hopefully, we’ll see you on tour ”
Text Box: In 2014 Jay released another solo single (under her own name - the last, "Sorrow's Wedding", was released fifteen years ago as The Zen Shoppers and recently made a top ten appearance in the Amazon Chart's ) . Within the first 24 hours, the video for the song called “True Love” received over 3000 views on YouTube. Click the globe on the left to watch it for yourself. 
Text Box: Jay may have been just 19 years old when she joined the Eurovision Song Contest winning line up of Bucks Fizz, but from generations of entertainers, she was no stranger to the world of show business.
Text Box: From an early age she was in the spotlight.  As a child she was a model and an actress having trained at the Italia Conti School of Speech and Drama, making appearances in Grange Hill, To The Manor Born and Citizen Smith. In her teens, she was part of a dance troupe which her mother had put together called "Take Off", in which the members dressed as air stewardesses and then through the wonders of “Velcro" (sound familiar?)  changed into other costumes,  and sang songs and danced dances from the destinations they "visited".   
Jay Aston The Zenshoppers Sorrows Wedding Single coverText Box: ​​ Her parents, were also stars. "Ted Durant and Hilda" were a comedy double act. 
He was also a strongman and Jay's mother was his "assistant". 
Text Box: Jay's brother, Lance, is now an actor and runs his own production company, which produced the video for the Shakespear’s Sister Hit “Stay”. Jay had left Bucks Fizz at this time and also worked on the video in a creative capacity, contributing ideas and styling. Lance entered Eurovision the year before Jay as a member of the vocal group Prima Donna. He also appeared in a number of Bucks Fizz videos, including "I Hear Talk" and with total support from her family, Jay became the superstar of the Aston family with the Eurovison win and International Pop stardom.
Text Box: Her grandfather, Edward Aston,  was an internationally famous body builder, the "Arnold Swarznegger" of his day.  
Text Box: Jay has always had a love of fashion and clothing, and took the lead in styling and making costumes for Bucks Fizz, Some of the most memorable "looks" were the studs and leather outfits for "The Land Of Make Believe" and the dishcloth outfits for "If You Can't Stand The Heat".  She's carrying on that tradition again, with "Formerly Of Bucks Fizz". Even the night before the Sell Out London Palladium 30th Anniversary concert, she was sewing sequins  and"Velcro" onto  costumes for herself, Cheryl and their troupe of “hunky dancers.”
Text Box: Jay left Bucks Fizz in 1985, following the coach crash amid a mass of press attention. She went on to pursue solo projects and became a very prolific songwriter writing for, and collaborating with numerous other recording artists including (her sister-in-law) Marcella Detroit  of Shakespears Sister, John Ilsley (Dire Straits), Richard Feldman, Underworld, Leftfield, Rupert Hine, Soundtrack for Michael Winner, Tim Holmes (Chemical Brothers) and Death in Vegas.
Text Box: After encouragement from  Marcella, Jay released the single "Naked Phoenix" and recorded and album in 1993. She performed and toured with her band "Aston" and released another album "Alive and Well" in 2003 which features thirteen songs,  including Rosie Banks which she performed  in her feature film debut in ”The Last Days Of Edgar Harding”. Alive And Well was co-written with her husband,  David Colquhoun, who is currently hard at work on his new project “The Dave Calhoun Band”.
Text Box: Keen to encourage future talent, and pass on her own experience, Jay runs her own theatre school. She married her guitarist husband, David Colqhuon in 1999 and they have one daughter, Josie Alexandra, who was born in 2003.  Curiously, she shares her birthday with Cheryl’s daughters, although there is a nine year difference! 

Josie also has the showbiz bug and as well as acting alongside her Mum in Cinderella, features in a book, which also stars Jay as the woodland fairy. The book is called “Sparky’s Christmas Wish” and was written by Jay’s cousin, Lorraine Gray, who also featured in Jay’s video for True Love, as the voluptuous café waitress.
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Text Box: Jay’s Showbiz Family
Text Box:  Another album followed in 2006, "Lamb or Lizard" which was available via her website. The three disc album featured songs she had written from her time before and after Bucks Fizz and rapidly sold out. Jay has re-released the album and it is once again available from her website in limited numbers,  a new album  "I Spy" is to be released later this year. 
Text Box: 2015 saw Jay’s return to acting as she appeared in pantomime at the Dorking Halls playing the Fairy Godmother in Cinderella. 
Jay Aston as The Fairy Godmother in Cinderella Dorking Halls panto 2015Text Box: Like her fellow band mates. Jay believes in using her celebrity status to benefit others. Having seen her father go through the various stages of Dementia, Jay is a keen supporter of the Alzheimers society and even took part in an experiment to help people understand the effects of the condition.
Text Box: Jay’s song-writing is taking an additional turn, as she has begun writing music for the stage. “Norma Jean: The Musical” was the first project she became involved with, a story of Marilyn Monroe. One of the songs “Great Expectations” which was about Marilyn looking back on her life, and wondering where it all went wrong, and “what if?” proved so powerful, that she trialled it during Formerly Of Bucks Fizz’s  Paradise Regained Tour in 2015. It was very well received and in May of 2016, it became Jay’s next solo release. Watch the video, by clicking the globe on the right.
Jay Aston formerly of bucks fizz solo single Great Expectations