Cheryl Baker, Mike Nolan, Jay Aston, Bobby G. Bucks Fizz in casual clothingCheryl Baker Mikje Nolan Jay Aston Formerly Of Bucks Fizz, TV appearanceJay Aston Mike Nolan from Bucks FizzCheryl Baker Mike Nolan Jay Aston, Fur Coats photo from Christmas 1981Text Box: Cheryl, Mike and Jay are as energetic, youthful and dazzling today, as they were when they won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1981 with (the recently voted "UK's favourite Eurovision Song") "Making Your Mind Up", as part of the original line up of Bucks Fizz. The legendary skirt-ripping routine propelled them to overnight worldwide success, charting at No.1 across the globe. They sold more than 15 million records, toured the orld and achieved success not seen since ABBA. They exceeded the popularity of many of their contemporaries in an era where records were more expensive and music  was less readily accessible.
Text Box: Play a classic Bucks Fizz song or a newly recorded track by Cheryl, Mike and Jay to somebody now and if they don't instantly recognise it... they will be pleasantly surprised to discover who performs it!
Text Box:    In the early 1980’s Bucks Fizz was everywhere. The four strangers, who were put together to perform in A Song For Europe (the selection show for the UK’s entry into the Eurovision Song Contest) became a global phenomenon thanks to an iconic dance routine which saw the two boys ripping off the two girls’ skirts. Halfway through the song. Mike Nolan, Cheryl Baker, Jay Aston and Bobby G became household names. 
   The song “Making Your Mind Up”, was an instant hit, and fellow entrants (which included Bucks Fizz’s creators Andy Hill and Nichola Martin, and the band which would later become The Fizz’s touring band) knew that they didn't stand a chance when the skirts came off.  Andy and Nichola had three  songs accepted for the competition and they needed someone to perform them.
Text Box:    To give the band a bit of a boost, more auditions were held and Shelley Preston was recruited. A couple of singles later, New Beginning was released, bumping Bucks Fizz back into the top ten in the summer of 1986. They had changed record companies but didn't receive the same level of marketing as they had in previous years and gradually, they dropped from the public conscience… except for during Eurovision season, when Making Your Mind Up would be played and performed. 
   Shelley left in 1990 to pursue a solo recording career and Cheryl, Mike and Bobby G continued as a trio, with their only releases being the “Live From Fairfield Halls” album, and a remix of The Land Of Make Believe, to celebrate Bucks Fizz’s tenth anniversary. 
   By 1992, Cheryl’s tv career had taken off and she also wanted a family. With great sadness she also left the group. Mike and Bobby recruited two new girls to return to the four-piece line up, but they never fully re-ignited the Bucks Fizz glory and in 1996, Mike also left.
   Jay Aston, in the meantime,  was carving out a career for herself as a song writer, and was preparing to release her own solo material. She had married, and also become a mother, coincidentally her daughter shares her birthday with Cheryl’s twin girls though nine years apart.
   The music of Bucks Fizz is timeless, classic pop. It was expertly written by Andy Hill, the same songwriter who wrote the number One hit "Moves like Rhianna" for The Wanted. While the stigma of Eurovision and "happy" music sometimes hampered the acclaim and success they deserved in the 80's, many former critics now acknowledge and praise the genius sound and the all-round package that was "Bucks Fizz". It is something that is the norm for today's bands, but was established by "The Fizz" at a time when few groups did this but many went on to copy.  
Text Box:    In 2007 Peter Kay was putting together the cast for his comic relief video and reunited the five original recording members of the band for 500 miles. It was the first time that Jay and Cheryl had spoken to each since Jay left in 1985. The two had never really had much in common with their age difference, and backgrounds but all those years later as two older women, both with families and life experience, they realised that they had very much in common. 
Text Box:    Their 2009  "Splash" Tour was recorded and released on the DVD ‘All That Glitters’, (available from our “shop”) with a documentary containing new interviews with the band and backstage footage. One notable show on that tour was at the Newcastle City Hall, and the show marked the 25th Anniversary of the fateful night when the Bucks Fizz tour bus collided with a lorry in the city.
   They then began recording a new album “Fame and Fortune” which was held up the use of the name “Original Bucks Fizz”, It was eventually released in 2012 ,using the initials OBF. The “name” didn't catch on and they  now performing as ‘Cheryl, Mike and Jay -  Formerly of Bucks Fizz’.
   Recent re-releases of their original studio albums, re-mastered in CD and download format, which include previously unreleased tracks and versions, combined with a strong presence on social media sites has gained them new fans of all ages whilst welcoming back people delighted to relive their youth. All this ensures fantastic reactions whenever they play festivals, arenas and theatres throughout the UK and Europe.​
Cheryl Baker Mike Nolan Jay Aston Formerly Of Bucks Fizz, celebration photo 30th Anniversary Screen shot from video of 500 Miles, Peter Kay's comic Relief video from 2007. featuring all 5 recording members of Bucks Fizz... and David Bellamy!
Bucks Fizz, holding their Eurovision TrophyText Box:    While “manufactured” bands are very much a part of today’s  music industry, it was still relatively unheard of in the 1980’s and Bucks Fizz had to prove their worth if they were to survive. With each new release they changed their style, rapidly proving their versatility as performers, and winning new fans. They rapidly proved there was more to them than “Making Your Mind Up”, though the song remains a firm favourite with the public nearly thirty five years later and even now the crowds roar when Cheryl and Jay’s  skirts get torn off. 
Cheryl Baker, Mike Nolan, Bobby G and Shelley Preston. New Beginning photoText Box:    They went on to sell more than 15 million records worldwide, won countless industry awards including the Ivor Novello award and the best group award in 1982’s Rock and Pop Awards, the equivalent of the Brits…
Text Box:    In 2004, the Here and Now tour saw Cheryl, Mike, Shelley and Bobby perform together as “The Original Bucks Fizz”, the name chosen by Bobby G as he now owned the name Bucks Fizz and wanted to draw a difference between his band, and the original members. He chose not to continue performing with the other three, who continued appearing as “The Original Bucks Fizz”. 
The Original Bucks Fizz Here and Now Lineup Cheryl Baker, Mike Nolan, Bobby G and Shelley PrestonText Box:    The tv series “Pop Goes the Band”, reunited Cheryl, Mike and Shelley with Jay and the friendship between the two original girls started growing again. When Shelley decided to leave, Jay was asked to rejoin, making a spectacular comeback performance at the iconic London Club G-A-Y.  Coincidentally the venue was the place where Cheryl made her final appearance as a full time member of Bucks Fizz in 1992.
Bucks Fizz circa 1982Cheryl Baker Mike Nolan Jay Aston Formerly Of Bucks Fizz with Stephen FoxCheryl Baker Mike Nolan Jay Aston and Shelley PrestonMike Nolan Cheryl Baker Bobby G Bucks Fizz circa 1991Text Box: The simple, yet inspired formula of cleverly crafted and expertly produced pop, stunning costumes, and routines that the audience enjoy copying, paved the way for future bands such as ‘STEPS’ and 'The Spice Girls’. Combine this with the banter between Cheryl, Mike and Jay and the endearing personalities of these strong individuals shining through, and they continue to delight the same fans who have followed them for more than 30 years, and also their children, and in some cases (much as it pains the group to say it)... even their grandchildren!
Text Box:    For a number of years they had toyed with the idea of getting a fourth person  to join them to complete the “two boy, two girl” line up, but their number one choice was unavailable, so they continued as Cheryl, Mike and Jay. While the band’s die-hard fans accepted the trio line-up, the general public wanted a four piece. In 2014, Cheryl, Mike and Jay asked Stephen Fox, who had been closely involved with the band for many years, having supported the band on their Splash tour with his band “Plasticine” and also being responsible for the “All That Glitters”, and 1983 and 1984 Tour DVD’s, to join them as their first guest vocalist. 
   He was very well received and the general public appreciated the familiar two boy, two girl line up. 
Dermot O'Leary with Cheryl Baker Mike Nolan Jay Aston, Formerly Of Bucks Fizz with Bobby McVay for his Day Of Dance at the BBCText Box:    They recently helped tv and radio presenter Dermot O’Leary with his comic relief day of dancing challenge (right) which again grabbed the attention of the UK’s major newspapers.
Text Box:    For their 2015 “Paradise Regained” Tour, they were joined (as guest vocalist) by their  “old friend” Bobby McVay, who they have known since the 80’s and who was also managed by Razzmatazz, the agency headed by Jill Shirley, (now Jill McGrogan) in the golden days of Bucks Fizz. The fans’ reaction to the “new” Bobby was so positive that it was decided he would continue his “membership” of the line up, and he is joining them for a second year, and also in the studio with their new recording projects.
Stephen FoxText Box:    While no longer performing with Cheryl, Mike and Jay, Stephen is still very much a part of the team. His video production company “Digital Ghost” worked on video projections for the Paradise Regained tour.  He continues to perform with his new band Utopia 84
Jay Aston Lamb Or Lizard Promotional PhotoBucks Fizz Cheryl Baker Mike Nolan and Bobby G You and Your Heart So Blue promotional photoText Box:    As their careers progressed, Bucks Fizz’s appeal spread across the globe, far beyond the Eurovision territory, even Japan and Australia succumbed to the Fizz. They never broke the American market, but that was partly due to the dramatic events of Christmas 1984, when the coach in which they were travelling collided with a lorry in Newcastle hospitalising the band and putting Mike Nolan into a coma. Once again the band held the front pages of the press all over the world but this time for all the wrong reasons. 
Text Box:    Mike came out of his coma three days later, but the accident had taken its toll on the group and Jay was finding it increasingly difficult to stay. She left in 1985, amid a mass of press publicity. They had just released “You And Your Heart So Blue”, and in spite of Jay’s vocal appearing on the single, the video was shot with Cheryl, Mike and Bobby as a trio.
Bucks Fizz You and Your Heart So Blue video stillCheryl Baker Mike Nolan Jay Aston Formerly Of Bucks Fizz 30th Anniversary suits photoCheryl Baker Mike NolanText Box:    Cheryl, Mike and Jay are regular panellists and guests on TV and radio shows and are still grabbing headlines in major and national newspapers, for all the right reasons! Obviously everyone wants to talk them during Eurovision season, but at other times of the year the band is great value for the major charity marathons. 
   From Children In Need to Comic Relief, whenever a bit of sparkle is needed, they call on Cheryl, Mike and Jay’s particular brand of Fizz.
Andy Hill & Nichola Martin, the team who put Bucks Fizz together, with drummer  Graham Broad, aka ParisText Box: Mike was first to be recruited, followed by Cheryl, who already had Eurovision experience. Bobby saw an advert for the auditions in “The Stage”  and Jay was asked by her agent, Jill Shirley (who would later manage Bucks Fizz) was asked to attend (in case Cheryl turned it down which of course she didn’t) . Nichola was originally going to be a part of the line up but it was decided that she and Cheryl were too similar, as Jay’s style provided a contrast to Cheryl’s, Nichola stepped out and she performed with Andy and drummer Graham Broad, as “Paris” .
Text Box: The full recording history is detailed in the discography page of the website.  While their follow up singles were still relatively big hits, their fourth, The Land Of Make Believe became their second number one, and their most successful single. Jay had taken over as the group’s stylist and she provided the group with a dramatic departure from their sugar-sweet boy-girl next door image with leather, studs and chains and in Jay’s words “cone boobies”, years before Madonna even considered the look. 
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