Text Box: The Legal bit...Why "Formerly Of " Bucks Fizz?
Legal Notice: Under the Intellectual Properties Office ruling O-296-11, Cheryl Baker, Mike Nolan and Jay Aston were not allowed to perform using the name "The Original Bucks Fizz" as the trademarked name "Bucks Fizz" is owned by Ms. Heidi Manton. As Cheryl, Mike and Jay were part of the original Eurovision Song Contest-winning line up in 1981, it is an historical fact that, in spite of them leaving the band at separate times for a variety of reasons, they were at one time members of the band. They are therefore allowed to refer to themselves as "Formerly Of Bucks Fizz". Any mentions, in writing, image or audio, of Cheryl Baker, Mike Nolan & Jay Aston as members of the band "Bucks Fizz" are in reference to their time as performers in that group. 
flashing red buttonCheryl Mike Jay Fomerly Of Bucks FizzCheryl Baker Mike Nolan Jay Aston, formerly Of Bucks Fizz with Bobby McVay, in white shirts againast black backgroundCheryl Baker Mike Nolan Jay Aston, formerly Of Bucks Fizz with Bobby McVay, in black evening wear against black backgroundText Box: It’s just like the old days,...well, sort of! 

In 2014 we decided to try performing with a guest vocalist;  we were doing lots of festivals… we still are! So many people were saying “I thought there were four of them”, and the dance routines, and harmonies were all designed 
for four voices, so we thought “let’s give it a go !”. 
We’d been toying with the idea for a few years, but our mate from the old days wasn’t available, and we carried on as three. But still you wanted four… so we asked one of our very good friends, Stephen Fox,  to join us and it worked very well.  
Text Box: A change in circumstances meant that Bobby McVay, who many will know from his radio career but more probably from his pop star career in the early 80’s as a member of Sweet Dreams, the UK’s 1983 entry to Eurovision.  You can find out more about him further into the website. 
We’ve tweaked our line up,  so we thought we’d tweak our website too. 
We hope you like it, and also hope you’ll come and see us on the tour.

      Cheryl, Mike, Jay … and Bobby xxx
CHeryl Mike Jay formerly Of Bucks Fizz Piece Of The Action Promotional photoCheryl Mike Jay My Camera Never Lies  Promotional PhotoCheryl Mike Jay When We Werre Young Promotional Photo

...And then there were Four !

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