Text Box: As a little girl Cheryl would sit with her family in their home in Bethnal Green in London and watch the Eurovision Song Contest. She’s a self confessed Eurovision fan, in those early days she dreamed of being a part of it, but never expected that one day she would not only have entered it twice, but actually won it.
Text Box: She began her singing career with the band Co-Co. They entered A Song for Europe in 1976 with the  song "Wake Up".  They came second, being beaten by Eurovision Winners Brotherhood of Man and their song “Save your Kisses For Me”. In 1978 Co-Co entered A Song for Europe again with "The Bad Old Days” and won, going on to represent the UK in Paris. The song reached 13 in the UK chart and Coco released their first (and only) album as well as further singles, but none were major hits.​
Text Box: Cheryl was already no stranger to the Song Contest , when Bucks Fizz won Eurovision  in 1981, being the third singer to have twice represented the UK (the others were Cliff Richard and Ronnie Carroll).
Text Box: Then along came Bucks Fizz turning Cheryl into a household name and the face of Bucks Fizz. With her down to earth personality, it was obvious she would find solo success. 
In 1984 she was asked to present the children’s television show, “How Dare You”, which kick-started her career as a TV presenter.  As well as kids tv hits like“Record Breakers” (for 11 series, becoming as synonymous with the show as the original presenter, Roy Castle)  and five series of her own cookery programme “Eggs ‘n’ Baker”, she also presented daytime current affairs shows and prime-time Saturday evening shows; including “The Six O’Clock Show”, (with Michael Aspel) and “The Funny Side” for ITV.
Text Box: Cheryl says
"I am enjoying working with Mike and Jay better than I ever did before. We have such a laugh and get such a terrific response from our audience, especially when we rip the skirts off. I never dreamt I would still be singing “Making Your Mind Up” in my sixties, but now I'm here I'm so glad that I do!"

Text Box: Following in the family musical tradition, Cheryl & Steve's twin daughters, Kyla and Natalie Stroud are fast rising stars of the live music circuit, click anywhere on the picture of the girls (below) for more information about the girls and their music 
Text Box: She is married to bass guitarist Steve Stroud, who was a member of Bucks Fizz's touring band and was also one of the masterminds behind "Fame & Fortune?", Cheryl, Mike and Jay's most recent studio album. Steve is a busy man, as well as performing with "The Counterfeit Stones", he is the founder of Ultimate Earth, Wind & Fire, a member of The SAS Band, The World Famous Redsox and The Vizitors, which includes names like Tom Marshall, and Rob Norman, who long standing fans of Bucks Fizz will recognise as other members of the touring band. 
Text Box: Always busy, Cheryl is planning a solo album, and another book. This time, an auto-biography following on from her previous works, “Cheryl Baker’s Low Calorie Cook Book” and the “Eggs 'n' Baker Cookbook”.
Text Box: In December 1993, pregnant with her twin daughters, she took the tough decision to step down from the band after almost 13 years.  At this time her TV career was going from strength to strength and by 1997 she was on TV 6 days a week!
Text Box: Cheryl feels it is a privilege to help charities whenever possible and she’s involved with many, especially children’s charities! To conceive her twin daughters, she underwent IVF and talks about it openly, as she feels it could help other women.  She is patron/supporter to almost every infertility charity in the UK!  She is also vice President of Abigail's Footsteps, a charity for the bereaved parents of stillborn babies. She ran the Virgin London Marathon last year for another charity close to her heart, Demelza Hospice Care For Children.
 She was one of the founders of and is a trustee of “Headfirst”,  a charity which raises funds for research, equipment and care of people who have suffered brain damage due to accident, stroke or disease.  This charity was set up following the 1984 coach crash, when  band-mate and best friend, Mike Nolan, sustained a serious head injury  leading to a three day coma. The charity recently closed, but it’s legacy of research funding will continue to help those affected for many years to come.
Text Box: Cheryl is now very much a 'globe trotter', having presented several series for The Travel Channel and telling her life story on board cruise ships and for private functions. She was also the star of the UK launch of the "Jenny Craig Weight Management Programme" (which also proved to be very successful for her personally, she lost 35lbs!)
Text Box: She is also now one of the Queen’s of "Reality TV", which all started with her being voted to the final of ITv’s "Pop Star To Opera Star" and was ultimately won by Joe McElderry. They are now very close friends and even performed an opera duet at the charity fundraiser festival, Music On The Hill in Kent for Demelza Hospice Care For Children  (of which she is a patron). Incidentally, she wasn’t just a perfomer, (headlining with Formerly Of Bucks Fizz) she was an onsite location presenter… organizing committee member and all round superstar.
Recently, she reached the quarter finals of “Celebrity Masterchef”.
Text Box: She has vast experience in West End shows like "Footloose" and "Babes In The Wood" and a host of other productions (Including the unlikely "Menopause: The Musical") and she received rave reviews for her performance of Mrs Cunningham, in the new stage production of "Happy Days: The Musical".  2015 saw her return to the West End Pantomime stage in a role as Glenda the good witch in The Wizard of Oz at the Shaw Theatre.
Text Box: Whenever and wherever Cheryl makes an appearance either in the media or at events, her charm and personality has everyone, young and old, eating from her hand.  People relate to her– she is ‘one of us’. She’s the first admit she is far from perfect and people love her for it. She is hugely popular due to her ‘girl next door’ image. She was born in Bethnal Green (Befnal Green wiv an “F” as she says) on 8th March 1954 (so she’s a proper Eastender… and proud of it!).
Text Box: Capitalising on this, Cheryl isn’t just focused on her own career; she’s passionate about helping the next generation of entertainers.  she has directed  “Bullfrog Youth” productions of "Footloose", "Fame", “West Side Story”, a highly acclaimed production of “Les Miserables” in 2012 and 2013’s project “Grease” and she is also planning to launch a children’s theatre work shop group
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