Lovin' FeelingText Box: Like his bandmates, Bobby McVay is a Eurovision veteran having represented the UK in 1983 as one third of "Sweet Dreams" singing "I'm Never Giving Up". It was Bobby's second bid for Eurovision glory having entered 1982's Song for Europe, with a band called "Loving Feeling". They were beaten by another Hill/Martin produced band, Bardo. That was the year when Bobby first met Bucks Fizz. 
Text Box: His show business career started at the age of 15 and a half when he was singing to two girls in his back garden.  A car pulled up alongside the fence and a man got out and asked him to audition as a big band vocalist. By the age of 18, Bobby was touring Europe in his new role as a professional singer. 
Text Box: At the afternoon rehearsal for the E.S.C., David Simone who was head of Arista records at the time was told by prod of contest that Never Giving Up was the best song in the competition, but didn't think that it wouldn't win. In fact, the UK's entry was placed 6th. It was the first year that the BBC didn't give massive publicity to the UK's entry but in spite of that, the song reached a chart position of No. 21 being part of successful management of two Eurovision groups,  Bucks Fizz and Bardo, the perfect management team for the band was Razzmatazz. Seeing each other regularly at the management office, the friendship between Bobby and the band grew. With some rebranding and a change of image "Dreams" released a second single "17 Electric", which unfortunately failed to chart and the band split shortly afterwards.
Text Box: Bobby was then approached by music mogul Mickey Most to record as a solo artist. "Boys Go Dancing" was his first release and in spite of being a massive hit in the clubs only reached 51 in the charts, although other records followed, Bobby was finding recording to be unfulfilling, and he continued to write music, but turned his back on recording. 
He left London, moved to Worcester and presented an evening show on local radio. He was heard by the management of Cardiff based Red Dragon FM, who offered him a job there, which he accepted and stayed there for thirteen years. By this time he had bought a house in Italy, he'd also moved to "Real Radio" to present the breakfast show but the 4am starts became too much and he decided in 2007 to leave the UK entirely and live a non-entertainment life in his Italian home. Almost the day before he left, he got a call from Cheryl Baker inviting him to join the line-up of the newly reformed "Original Bucks Fizz".  A few weeks earlier and he would have accepted like a shot, but the timing was wrong.
1982 Song For Europe. Bardo, (Sally-Ann Triplett, Stephen Fisher) with Terry Wogan and Bucks FizzText Box: They were guests artists on Song For Europe, performing their new single "My Camera Never Lies". Bobby's opinion was that it would never be a hit. He jokes that he said that about lot of bands during his later career as a radio presenter... most notably when he booked a group of really sweet girls as guests for his radio station's party in the park he said their song wouldn't amount to much. 
It did mean however that as "Wannabe" stormed to the top of the charts, The Spice Girls were top of the bill and Bobby was the hero of Red Dragon FM.
Sweet Dreams Never Giving Up, Bobby McVay, Carrie Grant (Gray), Helen KrayA young Bobby McVaylokking stylish inblack shirt and  leather trousersYoung Bobby McVay, Black shirt and white Flares, Saturday Night Fever lookText Box: Following that he worked in holiday camps and  performing in pantomimes. It was at this time that he received a phone call from Bucks Fizz’s management company, Razzmatazz, inviting him to audition for Sweet Dreams . He arrived early for his audition, he was scheduled first and in the waiting area was Carrie Gray, (now better known as Carrie Grant), the chemistry between the two was enough to convince management that they were the two for the band. Sweet Dreams was originally planned as a duo, when the decision was made to add a third member, Helen Kray Brian Arris photo of Sweet Dreams Never Giving Up, Bobby McVay, Carrie Grant (Gray), Helen Kray
Text Box: He was asked again a couple of times again over the next few years, and finally in 2014, having realised he was missing “treading the boards”, he auditioned as guest vocalist, and the chemistry was spot on.  Long term fans of the band have taken him to their hearts, and those who haven’t seen them in years hardly notice the difference.
Text Box: Bobby Says
“ It’s quite strange really; I’ve known this lot for years, and one day, I was invited round for a cuppa. Who’d’ve known I’d come away having joined the band!
Touring with Cheryl, mike and Jay was an amazing experience for me. I can't believe I'm getting another chance this year, make believe and dreams can come true 

Being on the road can be a lot harder than you’d expect, but we’ve all been having such a laugh in rehearsals, and the gigs we’ve done so far, so this doesn’t feel like work at all! “
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